The world leader in the production of building materials Holcim has switched to a new brand. CEMENTUM is the new name of the company in Russia.

The rebranding of the assets that are part of the Russian division of Holcim was made under the agreement reached in December 2022 between the management of the Russian division of the company and the Holcim international group on the transfer of assets to the local management of the company.

CEMENTUM will continue to develop and produce high-quality products and solutions for the construction industry and infrastructure, as well as participate in the implementation of the most important national projects of the Russian Federation.

“The company’s brand has changed, but everything else has remained the same: a strong professional team with international expertise, an efficient production base that meets the best global standards, leadership in the circular economy, reliable partners and suppliers, and, of course, the highest quality products. We will continue to develop production capacities and bring innovative products and services to the Russian market that will help to solve the ambitious tasks facing the domestic construction industry,” Maxim Goncharov, CEO of CEMENTUM said.

CEMENTUM has been operating in Kaluga Region since 2014. In 2015, an alternative fuel workshop was put into operation at a Ferzikovo plant — a unique production unit for the environmentally friendly and safe processing of municipal solid waste. The use of waste as an alternative fuel makes it possible to reduce the area of ​​landfills and their negative impact on the environment. The experience of the Kaluga plant formed the basis of the program of the federal project Circular Economy.

The plant also has the best indicators in terms of environmental efficiency. Since 2015, tires and shredded MSW residues have been used as an alternative fuel in production. In 2022, more than 60 thousand tons of waste were disposed, and since the first use of alternative fuel — 290 thousand tons.

According to the company CEMENTUM.

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