Start of drone controllers production in Kaluga Region


Roselectronika Holding (part of Rostec State Company) has started production of electronic and electro-technical control modules for unmanned systems on the technological basis of the Kaluga Research Institute of Telemechanical Devices (KNIITMU). The controllers are designed for use as part of light drones, as well as land, underwater and surface vehicles.
At the moment, serial production of high-precision navigation modules has been established, a pilot batch of engine controllers has been manufactured, a flight module and a compact version of the engine controller are being developed and prepared for release.
“The development and production of drone control modules is KNIITMU’s new area of activity. The company is able to produce up to 1,000 products of each type per year at its existing capacities. All devices undergo a full testing procedure. The first batch has already been shipped, and we have started receiving requests from Russian enterprises for the supply of new large batches of control modules,” — Alexander Alekseev, CEO of KNIITMU said.
According to TASS.

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